1. Learn

Are you new to heat pumps or simply looking for more information? Join the mailing list or review our online resources.

2. Connect

If you would like to have one of our installation partners contact you to discuss your priorities, register with Solarize Freeport. No commitment necessary.

3. Get Pricing

Our installation partners will contact you to provide a free phone consultation and preliminary estimate. If you are interested in finalizing a price, we will come to your site and provide you with a free quote.

4. Financing

If you are planning to secure a loan to pay for your installation, be sure to start the process in advance of the community buying deadline to confirm your funding source.

5. Contract Signing

If you would like to proceed with the project and want to secure the lowest pricing, sign a contract with our installation partners prior to noon on September 2, 2016.

6. Buy and Save

Once all of the Solarize Freeport heat pump contracts have been signed, your group discount will be determined.

Our Installation Partners

Royal River Heat Pumps and Insource Renewables provide high quality mini-split heat pump installations and are partnering to implement this year's mini-split heat pump bulk purchase.

System Pricing

Through the process of organizing Freeport property owners to participate in the project, Solarize Freeport is providing tiered pricing from our installation partners. Each system is given a base price based on the system size and is evaluated for additional costs (referred to as "adders") that may increase system costs. These adders may be due to the existing electrical service, equipment location, and other construction details.

Pricing Structure  

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